Corn Silk Tea for Kidney Stones

In recent years, many more people are turning towards natural home remedies to help them relieve common illnesses and ailments. In the case of those that suffer from kidney stones, corn silk tea is an excellent choice and can help aid and relieve some of the symptoms of this illness. More importantly, drinking corn silk tea can help prevent kidney stones from occurring at all, making this a great tea for those who suffer from reoccurring kidney stones.

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What Causes Kidney Stones?

When minerals and acid salts build up in the kidney they can form hard deposits called kidney stones. One or more of these stones can develop and effect anywhere from your kidneys to your bladder. They can vary in size and shape, though larger kidney stones can block the flow of urine and cause an immense amount of pain.

The causes of kidney stones depend on what type of stone the body is affected with. One type of kidney stone is called a calcium stone. Calcium stones occur when there is an excess of calcium and oxalate in the urine. This type can also be caused by metabolic disorders which can lead to a high production of oxalate in the system. Another type of kidney stone is called the struvite stone. Struvite stones are caused as a result of an infection in the urinary tract system.

Not drinking enough fluids or not being able to retain a good amount of fluid can lead to a third type of kidney stone known as uric acid stones. Kidney stones can also be hereditary and in this case they are caused specifically by the kidneys producing an excess of an amino acid known as cystinuria. For this reason, these types of kidney stones are called cystine stones. Rarely, other types of kidney stones can occur as well, though these are the most common types and causes for them.

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Treatment & Prevention of Kidney Stones

Most kidney stones are not life-threatening and have no long-lasting negative effects on the body after they pass. However, they can be painful and discomforting. Depending on the severity and size of the kidney stones in the body, treatment may vary from simply drinking more fluid to surgery. Some types of kidney stones can be potentially prevented by making certain that you hydrate yourself with enough fluids and avoiding too many foods that are high in salt and oxalate.

Using Corn Silk Tea

Although corn silk tea cannot treat and rid kidney stones that already exist, it can help prevent the occurrence of new kidney stones. For those that suffer from kidney stones on a regular basis, corn silk tea may be a good remedy to consider. Since corn silk tea can increase the flow of urine it is useful in the prevention of kidney stones. This tea can also help prevent urinary tract infections which can lead to kidney stones. For this, it is recommended to drink one to three cups of corn silk tea daily for a week in order to help relieve the infection.