Corn Silk Tea: A Number of Health Benefits

Health and well being is a primary concern for many of us. While there might not be a substitute for the miracles of modern science, natural remedies can offer ways to help alleviate minor health issues and promote our well being without the side effects or high costs of prescription or over the counter medication. Nature is filled with many plants that can help us achieve proper health and one of these is corn. Corn has fed countless people for eons, and can be found in Europe, South America, and its native North America. However, while the corn itself has been eaten by people and the stalks used as feed for livestock, the silks that grow from an ear of corn can be used to create corn silk tea, a drink filled with a vast array of great health benefits.

Corn Field

Urinary Tract Health

The part of the body most affected by corn silk tea is the urinary tract. Children with bedwetting problems can be helped by this tea, and elderly men and women suffering from incontinence can also find some relief from their ailment by drinking it. Painful urinary tract infections as well as agonizing kidney stones can be prevented and alleviated through the use of this tea. It is believed that drinking the tea can help to control and regulate the fluids found in the body more effectively and act as a diuretic, helping the kidneys and urinary system function properly so that they can properly flush chemicals and waste from the body.

Valuable Vitamins & Minerals

This tea is packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin B, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Corn silk tea also contains a high concentration of vitamin K, providing a source for this essential nutrient while helping to control bleeding. The flavonols, polyphenols, and phytochemicals in corn silk tea can offer additional benefits as well since these antioxidants have many cancer fighting properties to them. With such a vast array of different minerals and vitamins that corn silk tea can offer you are definitely doing your body a favor when you drink this brew.

The Value of Corn Silk Tea

Corn has been one of the most celebrated plants in history and civilizations have literally been built upon it. While it is first and foremost a food source, the evidence is overwhelming as to its numerous health benefits. A few cups of corn silk tea each day can help you with a number of different conditions. While it is no replacement for quality medical treatment, it can be used along with a healthy diet and lifestyle to increase your well being and help avoid illness.